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The CBD oils available in our offer are high-quality preparations containing hemp flower extract (Cannabis Sativa L.). These products are safe because they have been tested in independent laboratories for years. The certified CBD oils we sell come only from organic crops, so we are sure that they are made from carefully selected and safe varieties with beneficial effects on health. Hemp (very rich in cannabidiol) has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect, regulating the physiology of the body, it also has a positive effect on blood vessels.

CBD oil application

Already knowing what cbd oil is, it is worth finding out where and for what purpose it is used? Marijuana oil is an anti-convulsant, which is why it is successfully used as an aid in the treatment of epilepsy, along with the most severe varieties. Due to the fact that oils can not be overdosed, these are safe preparations. Supplementation with oils gives promising results in oncological therapies. In many cases, the patient's bothersome accompanying symptoms have been alleviated. The death of already existing cancer cells has also been proven. CBD oils also help by minimizing the negative effects of chemotherapy. In addition, by affecting the mood of the patient, they accelerate the process of convalescence.

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CBD Oil Action

It is worth remembering that in order for cbd oil to show proper action, you need to pay attention to the correct dosage of the substance. Initially, a low-percentage thc oil with a concentration of 3 to 4% should be used. Gradually increasing the dose will allow you to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. For tumors, it is recommended to use higher doses, up to 15% or more.

There is no dose limit for the human body, so it is difficult to talk about an overdose. However,  after taking too much cannabinoids, hemp oil can cause some side effects associated with unpleasant ailments on the part of the digestive system. Abdominal cramps combined with diarrhea can lead to temporary weight reduction. Patients suffering from low blood clotting and coronary artery disease are advised to take special care when taking cannabis-based preparations.

Cannabis oil is best absorbed by the respiratory system, so it is not surprising that vaporizers have become so common. As a method of administration, you can also indicate the application under the tongue (droplet form, as popular as the oil itself). The components of the oil enter the bloodstream through the sublingual membrane, later through the blood vessels. It is logical to start the dosage with smaller applications, and then if necessary increase the dose of the active substance supplied to the body.

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CBD oil for what?

Thanks to its specific composition and the active substance contained, CBD hemp oil is an additional support for traditional forms of treatment, in case of more or less serious ailments. These include: lupus, Alzheimer's disease, neurosis, asthma, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, depression, glaucoma, schizophrenia, Crohn's disease, anxiety and phobias, insomnia, inflammatory joint diseases and many others.

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CBD hemp oil - alcohol extraction or CO2?

When choosing a product, you also need to be guided by the method of how it was made. Hemp flower oil is obtained in two ways, it is a method of extraction with alcohol or with CO2. It is difficult to say unequivocally which form is better, certainly both have their supporters and opponents.

Alcohol extraction allows to obtain a substance containing cannabinoids with an unchanged structure. For this reason, such a product has a reputation for being more therapeutically active. However, there is a risk that during extraction, heavy metals or pesticides will penetrate the oil. Hence the pressure that the plants used in production should come only from organic and certified crops. Despite this, the extracts should undergo testing for the presence of heavy metals.

The CO2 method is widely considered to be slightly safer, which is its main advantage. It is then not possible for heavy metals to penetrate the extract. Unfortunately, this form of oil extraction also has disadvantages, such as the fact that a certain amount of organic bonds in cannabinoids is irreversibly damaged, resulting in a less active end product.

Hemp oil - what is worth knowing?

Below are the answers to the most popular question about cbd-containing oils.

Is CBD oil addictive?

Hemp flower oil contains CBD, while the content of the psychoactive substance THC is trace or absent. Therefore, the oil does not lead to addiction.

Can hemp oil be combined with medicines?

You should consult your doctor about taking CBD oils in case you have ordered certain antidepressants. Combining CBD with psychotropics can lead to unforeseen reactions.

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Does CBD oil need to be kept in the refrigerator?

It is not necessary to keep the hemp oil in the refrigerator, although this would slightly extend the life of the product. However, care should be taken to ensure that there is no contact with air and sunlight as well as heat sources.

Is hemp oil legal in Poland?

Yes. All products with a THC content of 0.2% are legal in Poland, so they can be easily purchased in stationary and online stores.

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Can CBD oil be overdosed?

This is not possible - hemp oil is very well tolerated by the human body. Caution should only be exercised in case of coronary artery disease and reduced blood clotting.

Is hemp oil safe?

The use of CBD oil causes few side effects, which is why the oil can be considered safe for the human body.

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What CBD oil for stress?

All CBD-based products can be used to support conventional treatments for disorders associated with post-traumatic stress disorder. The cannabidiol contained in them has antidepressant properties.

What hemp oil for epilepsy?

Cannabinoids inhibit or weaken the formation of neurotransmitters. So they counteract uncontrollably liberated muscle action. For this reason, all specifics containing this active substance can be supplemented during the treatment of epilepsy.

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What CBD oil for sleep?

Thanks to the calming effect, purity and terpene content, CDB Medigold 10% oil is the best way to improve the quality of sleep.

What CBD oil for pain?

CBD oils extracted from hemp, containing a high concentration of cannabinoids in pain relief, are a more beneficial substitute for strong opioids.

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What CBD oil for anxiety neurosis?

Each of the high-quality oils derived from the extraction, thanks to its CBD content, is suitable for supporting the alleviation of the effects of anxiety neurosis.

What CBD oil for cancer?

When using CBD oil for cancer, it should be raw products, preferably RAW.

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Does hemp oil have thc?

In hemp oil, the active substance is CBD, while the psychoactive substance THC occurs in a trace amount (less than 2%) or there is no cbd at all, this agent is not addictive and does not intoxicate.

How much CBD oil?

When using CBD oils, you should start with small amounts in a single application. Initially, it should be 1 to 2 drops every few hours or twice a day. We start with a concentration of 3 to 4%, then go to 5 to 10%, and after a week increase the dose. Let us note, however, that we are talking about prevention. In the case of severe diseases, such as cancer, obtaining therapeutic affect requires the use of higher doses.

What does CBD oil give?

In a nutshell, it can be said that CBD-based preparations improve mood, make it easier to fall asleep and calm down. They also have a positive effect on appetite, which is especially important in the case of debilitating diseases (e.g. cancer). In such situations, taking CBD oils indirectly increases the effectiveness of traditional forms of treatment, thereby improving the general condition of the patient.

What is CBD oil made of?

It is a product made from hemp. It is a concentrated form of a compound called CBD. However, it does not contain or contains very little psychoactive thc substance.

Hemp oil price

The price of a particular oil is largely determined by the country of origin and the manufacturer's brand. If the oil is too cheap, it may mean that it was made from CBD crystal dissolved in hemp oil. However, such products should be avoided. Good quality hemp oil should be made on the basis of an extract, not a crystal. Thanks to this, it will be more active than its cheaper counterpart. Hemp oil from the extract will always have better reviews than the one made from crystal.

CBD Oil Shop

If you do not yet know where to buy hemp oil, we suggest that the Hemp Store offers oils only from proven, reputable manufacturers, such as ENDOCA, MEDI HEMP, Kombinat Hempny, Harmony and private label products. The composition of the oil is not only the active substance (hemp flower extract). There is also vitamin E, natural hemp terpenes, as well as many other molecules that are found in hemp, and combined have synergistic properties. You will find many oils with different concentrations and capacities. We offer products from alcohol and CO2 extraction.