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Hemp has long been used in natural medicine and herbal medicine. Unlike psychoactive marijuana strains, they are characterized by a minimal amount of THC. Therefore, they do not have an intoxicating effect, but their use brings many health benefits. All this thanks to cannabidiols, which have properties that improve the work of the nervous and immune systems. In our offer you will find a legal hemp herb with a high CBD content and negligible amounts of THC.

Hemp herb – how does it work?

Products made from hemp herb are not suitable for recreational consumption, as they do not cause psychoactive effects typical of taking THC. The CBD herb contains cannabidiols, which are plant equivalents of those found in every living organism. The substances contained in the cannabis herb stimulate CB1 and CB2 receptors, which are elements of the endocannabionoid system located in the body. This translates into improving the operation of the entire biological system and brings visible effects in the form of improved health and well-being. Hemp herb containing a concentrated amount of CBD has the following properties:

● improving concentration,

● regulating the work of the digestive system,

● reducing stress,

● facilitating falling asleep and calming down,

● improving immunity,

● regenerating and supporting wound healing,

● relaxing and relaxing muscle tension,

● anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

The use of hemp herb does not cause side effects, is not addictive and does not give intoxicating effects. The CBD herb can therefore be used as a form of natural and safe supplementation supporting the work of the whole body.

CBD herb – how to use?

CBD-based products come in various forms, and the most common are oils and dried hemp herb. It is not suitable for traditional smoking, but it is great for inhalation and aromatherapy. Cbd herb can also be used for vaporization, because then it does not lose its health values. Dried leaves of hemp herb will also work well for preparing an infusion for drinking. The method of reception depends on the type of product, its form and purpose.

On sale we have dried inflorescences or leaves of hemp herb produced from different varieties of the plant. They differ from each other in taste, content of CBD and active substances and action. The products available from us are a healthy alternative to well-known varieties of hemp consumed for recreational purposes, as exemplified by the CBD Amnesia herb or Lemon Haze.

Hemp herb Trompetol XQ and AQ

Herbal mixture of hemp flowers improves digestion and has a positive effect on the health of the entire digestive system. In 2019, we also introduced high-quality CBD hemp herb LSQ and ISSQ to our offer. We offer products in 5 gram packages.

The highest quality legal cannabis herb provides us with valuable cannabinoids without side effects. Products in our store have a lot of reviews, so we encourage you to read them before buying.