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Humidity regulators boveda

Humidity controllers are incredibly useful products that allow you to take care of the proper level of humidity of our dried CBD hemp. Sachets with a moisture controller boveda are a great solution for people who care about the ideal humidity for vaporizing dried CBD.

If you have problems with dry cannabis flowers - sachets Boveda will provide him with the highest quality aroma, which will be reflected in vaporization. The humidity controller is a solution to the problems often encountered by users of dried CBD hemp.

You will see the effects of sachets Boveda with your own eyes after the first dozen or so hours that the drought will spend with Boveda in an airtight container. It is worth emphasizing the full naturalness of Boveda products.

Boveda composition?

Inside there is only a mixture of salt and water, there are no other chemicals that would affect the quality of our dried hemp. The presented products come only from proven and certified manufacturers. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!