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Dried CBD and other products produced from hemp are usually taken in inhaled form. For this purpose, it is best to use a special vaporizer available in the Hemp store we run. Not sure what a vaporizer is? This term is used to describe a functional, very easy-to-use device designed for evaporation of substances intended for inhalation (so-called vaporization). Vaporizer is made of the highest quality materials, among which we can mention, for example, glass, ceramics or metal. Choosing a product made of the right material is very important, because it is a factor that significantly affects the taste of the steam produced, as well as the service life of the heating chambers included in the equipment. The vaporizer is distinguished by its versatility of application. You can put e.g. cbd, but also other herbs and mixtures of electric oils, enjoying their unique aftertaste and aroma in various circumstances.

Vaporization and smoking

Many people mistakenly believe that vaporization is synonymous with smoking. Nothing could be further from the truth. When smoking, the user inhales the smoke created as a by-product of the combustion process, at the same time exposing himself to a number of negative consequences associated with the inhalation of harmful substances. The CBD vaporizer, on the other hand, works on a completely different principle. When heated to the right temperature, the mixture of herbs and essential oils inserted into the chamber is secreted, in which there are no impurities or tar substances. The dried vaporizer informs the user about the end of its work by means of vibrations or a message appearing on the display. Even regularly performed CBD vaporization in the long term does not cause negative consequences for your health.

High quality vaporizers available in our store

At hemp Store, we want to provide customers with unlimited access to high-quality vaporizers at the best prices. That is why we constantly enrich our assortment with branded products at the best prices. The vaporizers we sell are divided into stationary and portable models. Stationary vaporizer is distinguished by a fairly high price. At the same time, however, it works very efficiently and is universal in application. It works great for vaporizing, for example, medical marijuana or dried hemp. Among our customers, the portable vaporizer is also very popular. This is a model that is very easy to use, and additionally has a compact size. In practice, therefore, with its help you can enjoy your favorite inhaled substance anywhere – both at home and outside.

Vaporizers can also be divided into convection and conductive models. The former are heated using hot air. In the case of the latter, the process of increasing the temperature of the herbal mixture takes place thanks to the walls of the heating chamber. Hybrid vaporizers are also available for sale.

CBD vaporizer – what to follow when choosing it?

Are you wondering which vaporizer will best meet your expectations? You can check the opinions of satisfied users available on various online forums. Everything in this aspect, however, depends mainly on your individual tastes and preferences. Think about whether a given vaporizer is to be used to inhale dried hemp, cbd or a mixture of various types of herbs and extracts? If you care about unique taste and olfactory impressions, you should opt for a glass or ceramic vaporizer. In turn, metal products are the best solution for those users who pay special attention to the service life of a given device.

If you have a problem with choosing the right equipment, you can ask for help from our specialists. We will tell you which CBD vaporizer will best meet your expectations. It is worth knowing that all products sold by us are original and proven. The manufacturer provides a warranty for them (usually two years).

Vaporization – frequently asked questions

Vaporization - what is it?

It is a simple physical phenomenon, consisting in heating dried herbs to such an extent that substances are released from them. Thanks to this, smokeless inhalation with steam containing chemicals and flavors is possible.

What does CBD vaporization give?

The substances contained in the steam quickly enter the bloodstream. For this reason, the effect of cannabidiol is felt immediately. This compound, after penetrating into the cells, quickly soothes the nerves, improves well-being, increases concentration and has a positive effect on the condition of the mind.

How many times a day vaporization?

As a rule, it is recommended to apply twice. If the effect is to facilitate falling asleep or improve the quality of sleep, a single vaporization carried out in the evening is enough.

Vaporizers for dried - what to use them for?

The products intended for use in the vaporizer are dried CBD, extracts in the form of crystals, resins, waxes and isolates, and CBD liquids and other herbal mixtures in the form of dried fruit.

Does vaping stink?

During the use of the dried vaporizer, steam is released. Accordingly, the only perceived smell is the aroma of the inhaled substance.

What is the difference between smoking and vaporization?

Vaporizers heat substances to evaporate aromas. During smoking, smoke is emitted containing many harmful compounds, including tar. With vaporization, such a phenomenon does not occur.

How long does vaporization take?

Dried vaporizers heat up in about 15 to 30 seconds. Immediately after that, you can start puffing with steam. As a rule, the session lasts no more than a few minutes.

Vaporizers for CBD - how long does the effect last?

Noticeable effects of taking cannabidiol are noticeable immediately after application, and the effect lasts up to 4 hours.

Is vaporization harmful?

The user inhales only active substances suspended in water vapor. Vaporization is therefore devoid of the disadvantages of smoking dried fruit, i.e. inhalation of poisonous compounds and tar substances. This process of assimilating CBD is completely safe for health.

Vaporization or CBD oil?

The oil is used as a complementary agent in the therapy of various diseases. It can be used anywhere. Vaporization of dried food, due to the secretion of a characteristic aroma, is better to carry out at home.

Vaporization - what temperature?

Dried vaporizers allow you to work in the temperature range from about 150 to just over 200 ° C. It should be remembered that the process is most efficient at a temperature of 175-190 ° C. Below 155 ° C there is practically no steam, while above 205 ° C there is a risk of ignition.

Is it possible to vaporize CBD oil?

You must never do that. The oil is intended for consumption. Heating and inhaling its vapors can lead to very serious health consequences.

Where to buy a vaporizer?

To be sure of the quality and durability of the device, you should only use places that specialize in CBD products. You can then count on professional advice and a large selection of various solutions. One such place is the Hemp Shop, which offers vaporizers at affordable prices.