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They are intended for vaporization and subsequent inhalation of cannabinoids. The goal is the application of active substances into the human body through the alveoli with appropriate medical indication. The device is designed for the emergency, inhalation application of cannabinoids prescribed by the doctor at home, hospital and doctor's office.

The new MIGHTY MEDIC is the first medically approved portable inhaler. It uses combined air-radiant heating, which guarantees effective vaporization from the first inhalation. Portable battery vaporizer MIGHTY MEDIC is characterized by very simple operation. Two high-performance rechargeable rechargeable batteries guarantee a long service life and a short heating time. The inhaler also offers a cooling module for pleasant inhalation.

Inhalation application is a widely preferred method of taking cannabinoids. This is due to the rapid start of their operation. Both VOLCANO MEDIC and MIGHTY MEDIC guarantee effective inhalation. They vaporize cannabinoids with hot air without burning them. Therefore, no harmful substances are produced from combustion. The approximate values confirmed by research show that about 1/3 of the cannabinoids placed in the device enter the bloodstream.

Instructions in Polish, table of contents:

1. Product overview, scope of delivery, service
2. Sign explanations, warning tips
2.1. Explanation of symbols
2.2. Warning instructions
2.3. Safety tips
3. Purpose
4. Important tips
4.1. Operating conditions
4.2. Storage and transport conditions
5. VOLCANO hot air generator
5.1. Unpacking
5.2. Setting
5.3. Operation
5.4. Commissioning
5.5. Heating
5.6. Temperature setting
6. Use of dronabinol (THC) dissolved in alcohol
6.1. Vaporized dronebinol (THC) performance
6.2. Preparation
6.3. Application
6.4. Inhalation from a balloon with a valve
6.5. Breathing technique
6.6. Termination of inhalation

7. Use of cannabis inflorescences (Cannabis flos)
7.1. Performance of vaporized cannabinoids from cannabis inflorescences (Cannabis flos)
7.2. Preparation
7.3. Application
7.4. Inhalation from a balloon with a valve
7.5. Breathing technique
7.6. Termination of inhalation
8. Accessories: dosing capsules and magazine
8.1. Filling dosing capsules with shredded hemp inflorescences
8.2. Filling the dosing capsules with dronabinol
8.3. Insertion of dosing capsules
8.4. Filling set for 40 dosing capsules
9. Hygiene
9.1. General information
9.2. Strength of the material
9.3. Hygienic disposable mouthpiece cap MEDIC VALVE
9.4. Filling chamber and balloon with valve
9.4.1. Cleaning the filling chamber
9.4.2. Inspection/maintenance of the filling chamber
9.4.3. Reusability of the filling chamber
9.4.4. Reusability of the valve balloon
9.4.5. Storage

9.5. Unfolding and folding of the filling chamber
9.5.1. Filling chamber and filling chamber lid .
9.5.2. Unfolding of the lid of the filling chamber
9.5.3. Unfolding of the filling chamber
9.5.4. Drying
9.5.5. Folding of the lid of the filling chamber
9.5.6. Folding of the filling chamber
10. Hot air generator
10.1. Cleaning
10.2. Care and maintenance
10.3. Storage
10.4. After interference
10.5. Disposal
10.6. Finding errors
10.7. Periodic technical safety inspections
10.8. Technical data
10.9. Electromagnetic compatibility information
11. Spare parts and accessories
12. CE declaration of conformity
13. Warranty, liability, repair service
13.1. Warranty
13.2. Liability
13.3. Repair service
13.4. Copyright

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