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The grinder card is the most practical and convenient smoking accessory in the world. It's not thicker or bigger than a credit card, so you can put it in your wallet and never worry about manually grinding herbs anywhere. When you combine this tool with the versatility of vaporizers or joint tissue papers - the use of dried CBD hemp will give a lot of satisfaction.

When you use the grinder card, you can be sure that you will not lose any CBD herb ground with this tool. Grinder cards, unlike traditional grinders, allow you to save any fine dust of dried CBD hemp, because it does not settle on the blades of the grinder but directly on the card, from which you can easily drop it.

Sometimes traditional two-piece or four-piece grinders are simply too voluminous for any adventure. Having and being able to use a grinder card is very important, especially if you want to put it in a portable smoking kit.

If you are looking for a new accessory to use dried CBD hemp, consider buying it. We invite you to familiarize yourself with other accessories in our offer!