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Obtained from mature female hemp plants , dried CBD is characterized by a very high content of flavonoids, terpenes and cannabidiol. Contrary to popular belief, this product has nothing to do with marijuana. According to the legal standards in force in Poland, legal dried hemp contains only trace amounts of intoxicating THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the concentration of which does not exceed the level of 0.2%. The products available in the Hemp Store come only from certified hemp seeds that have been registered in the European Union. Not sure what dried CBD is? You should be aware that dried hemp legal in Poland is made from plants whose cultivation both in Poland and in Europe is legal. Hemp is commonly used as animal feed, as well as a material for the production of, among others, oils, paints, clothing, biofuels, as well as food. Marijuana, on the other hand, is produced from cannabis seeds, the cultivation of which in Polish law is treated as a crime punishable by specific criminal sanctions.

Dried CBD – properties

Sold by our online store, dried hemp CBD can be successfully used with medical marijuana. Such a combination is conducive to a significant improvement in the therapeutic effects of therapeutic treatments of people suffering from various types of cancer, as well as those suffering from multiple sclerosis. As indicated by the opinions of satisfied users, dried hemp CBD is perfect for relieving or relieving pain in various types of diseases.

Hemp – characteristics

Vaporization of substances such as dried hemp CBD would not be possible if it were not for the hemp grown with due care. These plants take the form of tall, very sprawling shrubs with a stem, the length of which reaches up to 3 m. The surface of their leaves is covered with hairs with a specific smell. Their characteristic feature is annuality and having sexually separated flowers. Depending on the variety, they can be divided into monoecious and dioecious.

How does dried CBD work? Contrary to appearances, it does not cause a feeling of intoxication, the so-called "high". On the contrary. As a CBI receptor antagonist, cannabidiol accelerates the sobriety process, helping to quickly get rid of symptoms that indicate being under the influence of drugs. Dried CBD has an antipsychotic and relaxing effect. It stimulates the body to use its own cannabinoid resources, thus reducing the level of perceived stress. In addition, regularly used dried CBD also has anti-cancer and antioxidant effects. Vaporization of dried CBD effectively eliminates headaches and muscle pains, effectively fights the problem of insomnia. Sold by our store dried hemp for vaporization, it is also your ally in the fight for psychophysical well-being.

Dried hemp CBD - benefits

In the Hemp Shop there are high-quality products of only natural origin. The dried hemp for smoking, which has an analgesic and anti-stress effect, is not subjected by us to any chemical baths aimed at artificially inflating the level of one chemical component (CBD) while reducing the concentration of other substances (THC). The CBD content in dried food from our offer oscillates at the maximum, possible to obtain naturally, level of approx. 7% with a THC concentration not exceeding 0.2%. Contrary to the information available on some websites, CBD obtained from only natural sources of dried cbd cannot contain 12 or even 19% CBD.

Depending on the variety of a given product, dried CBD may have different flavors, which, however, each user usually perceives in his own individual way. The products we sell are characterized by a favorable price and high quality. Offering dried CBD Hemp Shop on an ongoing basis, it complements the assortment with various varieties of dried HEMP CBD, from which you can easily choose the option that suits you best.

Dried CBD – Frequently Asked Questions

What is dried hemp CBD?

Answering a common, basic question: "What is dried hemp?": This is nothing more than dried leaves and flowers of hemp. Dried hemp legal in Poland contains an active substance (CBD), which is responsible for the beneficial properties of this plant. At the same time, the THC content is within the limits set by law.

What does dried hemp CBD help with?

Drought supports traditional, medical therapies in dozens of different ailments. facilitates coping with stress, chronic pain, epilepsy, glaucoma, insomnia, and also has a positive effect on the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS).

Which is better, oil or dried hemp CBD?

Both forms are equally effective. The guarantee of effectiveness is the active substance (CBD), which is found both in oil and in dried fruit.

What is dried hemp CBD used for?

Dried fruit, but also other products containing CBD, is used to improve the well-being and general condition of the patient. Thanks to this, traditional therapies show higher effectiveness.

Dried hemp CBD - does it work?

Definitely. The action of CBD is confirmed every day. This substance has antidepressant, sedative and anxiolytic properties. Taking it reduces tension and improves the quality of sleep.

Has dried hemp CBD been around for 18 years?

The purchase of products containing CBD is legal for any age group. However, it should be remembered that it is not recommended to give CBD to children under 8 years of age.

Is dried hemp CBD legal?

All products containing CBD are legal. They are produced not from cannabis, but from hemp. The concentration of the psychoactive substance (THC) in them is less than 0.2%.

Is dried hemp CBD addictive?

CBD, unlike THC, is not addictive. So you can use hemp products without fear.

Where to buy good dried hemp CBD?

It is best to choose specialized stores. If we care about quality and safety, it is better to let go of vending machines.

Where is the cheapest way to buy dried hemp CBD?

The lowest prices are usually obtained in the online store. A certain group of people still use vending machines. However, we advise against them. It is better to find a proven supplier and order good quality products in the online store.

How to use dried hemp CBD?

Most often, dried hemp CBD is inhaled. Heating the dried in the vaporizer releases the active substances, which then enter the lungs. This is a very safe form of CBD application. There is no smoking phenomenon here, so the body is not exposed to the harmful effects of substances contained in smoke.

What dried hemp CBD for sleep?

Any dried hemp CBD will positively affect the quality of sleep. However, it is worth remembering to be guided by high quality and good reviews of other users when choosing a specific product.

What dried hemp CBD for neuroses?

It doesn't really matter exactly what drought we choose. It is important that it is of good quality, comes from a proven supplier and is applied in the correct way.

How to vaporize dried hemp CBD?

Beginners are recommended to have a temperature of 155 to 175°C. Below 150°C, it is difficult to get a good quality cloud. However, the optimum temperature for vaporization of dried CBD is 180°C.

How to dose dried hemp CBD?

It is recommended to start the treatment with smaller doses. They will be increased over time until satisfactory results are achieved. It is worth remembering that CBD cannot be overdosed. It is a completely safe substance.

How much does dried hemp CBD cost?

For 1 gram of dried you have to pay about 30-40 zł. This is an attractive price, which at the same time guarantees that we are dealing with a good quality product.

CBD dried - how much percentage of cannabidiol does it contain?

In our products, the concentration of CBD is about 7%. Such a level is possible to achieve in natural production.