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Cannabidiol, a substance obtained from hemp, is not only a component of medicinal preparations or dietary supplements. A natural complement to our offer are hemp cosmetics, which have an excellent effect on the condition of the skin. They are based on natural plant extracts without synthetic additives. They are especially appreciated by people who care about effective, safe and most importantly – ecological care.

Users of CBD preparations know perfectly well how beneficial this substance has on their body. Now you can provide yourself with even more beneficial cannabidiol, this time from the outside. An important factor that has a direct impact on the popularity of hemp body care products is their versatility. They are perfect for everyday care and for combating troublesome skin ailments such as acne, AD, herpes, ringworm, eczema, bedsores, burns and many others.

Cosmetics with hemp oil – what is it?

Hemp cosmetics are agents intended for skin, hair and nail care, containing hemp oil, the active substance of which is cannabidiol (CBD). They are used in the daily care of both ordinary and problematic skin. These cosmetics create a natural barrier on the skin, thanks to which the natural hydrolipid balance is restored.

Hemp oil – cosmetics for everyone

Due to the diverse properties of cosmetics containing cannabidiol, a wide range of applications is possible.

Cosmetics with hemp oil are designed for all skin types, including:

  • Sensitive
  • Dry
  • Oily
  • Mixed.

Daily care will make the skin properly nourished, elastic and resistant to adverse external factors. In addition, it will also be more illuminated, healthier and velvety smooth.

Hemp oil cosmetics – action

Cbd oil contained in the cosmetics we offer makes these products have numerous beneficial properties, which include,

  • regeneration;
  • moisturizing;
  • restoration of hydrolipid balance;
  • nutrition;
  • relieving pain;
  • anti-inflammatory effect.

Cosmetics with hemp oil – types

Our assortment includes hemp cosmetics for comprehensive care.

  1. Hemp shampoos – effectively remove impurities and strongly regenerate hair.
  2. Hemp ointments – have a therapeutic effect, locally reducing pain. They have cooling or warming properties.
  3. CBD lotions – with daily use moisturize, regenerate and soothe irritated skin.
  4. Natural soaps – designed to wash the whole body, including face with sensitive and problematic skin.
  5. Hemp toothpastes – have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties, refresh breath and reduce tooth sensitivity.
  6. Hemp deodorants – reduce irritation and naturally protect the skin, without blocking the release and excretion of toxins.
  7. Hemp shower gels – thanks to the addition of vitamin E, they leave the skin moisturized, smooth and fresh.
  8. Lipsticks with hemp oil – soften irritated skin, regenerate and accelerate natural cell renewal.

The offer also includes other cosmetics such as: face serum, body oil, hair conditioner, body milk, soothing cream for children, specialized cream (AD, psoriasis) and others.

Reviews of Hemp Cosmetics

The products available in our store are preparations of the highest quality, which have a wide range of supporters. Users of hemp oil cosmetics appreciate their impact on bothersome skin ailments (e.g. eczema, AD).

Customers pay special attention to the fact that hemp cosmetics:

  • relieve redness,
  • reduce the feeling of itching,
  • rebuild dry and cracked skin.

CBD cosmetics – online store

Hemp Shop offers cosmetics with many applications in hair, skin and nail care. Proper action is provided by both the main component of the preparations (CBD) and many additional substances contained in hemp. The products available in our store are made only from natural plant raw materials and meet the strict quality standards for natural cosmetics.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. Let's take care of health and beauty together.