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Boundless Technology strives to develop the aromatherapy industry by creating innovative products at an affordable price. Boundless offers vaporizers very impressive and very solid, which allow you to achieve the highest efficiency.

Hemp Shop has on sale several models of portable vaporizers, including CFC lite and CFC 2nd generation, which are characterized by very small size. These products are ideal for people who are looking for so-called pocket vaporizers. Their big advantage is a very large chamber that is able to fit up to 0.5g of dry plants. Their price oscillates between 299 and 319 zlotys.

In our store we also have larger and more advanced models such as: Boundless Tera, Boundless CFX and Boundless CFV. Their biggest advantage is the very good bioavailability of inhaled herbs and very strong batteries that allow you to enjoy very long sessions.

All vaporizers Boundless are available in our online store and in our stationary store immediately. The manufacturer issues a guarantee for all products and when buying them from us you always have a guarantee of a very good price.